Product Owner Basics In Agile

product owner basics

What are the the Agile Product Owner Basics?  What are the main things the agile software Product Owner has to do?  There are certain key habits the Product Owner needs to do.  These help drive solid fundamentals for the entire agile team.  My agile team has been discussing agile fundamentals in our process.  Questions posed … Read more Product Owner Basics In Agile

Agile Improvement….5 Tips to Help

agile improvement

Agile is thrown around a lot. What are some tangible practices that could help with Agile improvement? Here I discuss tips for agile improvement, to help make positive changes. I will discuss ideas that have helped teams the most. I do not intend these to be comprehensive, including all things your team could do to … Read more Agile Improvement….5 Tips to Help

Timelines and Due Dates in Software

timelines and due dates

Timelines and due dates in software have come to be how we measure progress.  They are how we know when we have completed the work.  But the same way agile processes changed many parts of the SDLC, could they help evolve timelines and due dates?  The same way agile attempts to address requirement gathering, it … Read more Timelines and Due Dates in Software

Documentation in Agile – Tips To Help

documentation in agile

What are best practices for documentation in agile software development? Documentation, its always a question. It is needed with any piece of software, application, process, etc. How much should be documented? When is it too much? How do you navigate complex environments and communicate effectively? Keep a good balance of meaningful information. Avoid too many … Read more Documentation in Agile – Tips To Help