Purple Mattress – Look No Further for the Sleep You Need

We have the Purple 3 hybrid mattress and absolutely love it! Check that again, not selling anything, WE LOVE THIS MATTRESS! We have the King-size, but of course, it’s available in all the normal sizes. Purple Mattress – best bed in a box you will find. We had tried multiple beds prior to this one. Some of the big brands you see in commercials, and some others. Multiple versions of the memory foam mattress in a box. All used some form of the trial period. All of them ultimately returned. Of all the mattress types, we like this one the best. Once we tried the Purple though, we knew we found the right mattress for us. To meet our needs, it strikes the right balance between support and comfort. It gives enough with the top layer grid material but then supports with the underlying material. Buy a mattress from Purple, I bet you will love it!

So you don’t feel like you are sinking too much. The materials conform to your body, without sagging in the middle. On top of that, it sleeps cool, which for me has always been a problem. Too hot, and I can’t sleep. This mattress checked all the boxes for us. Get good sleep, night after night. Best hybrid bed in a box you can find. Get it for better sleep at night. Check it out below, with a link to Purple.

  • Sleeps cool, which is one of my biggest upsides with this mattress
  • Little motion transfer
  • Temperature neutral elastic grid material makes up the top layer of the mattress
  • 100 night trial (Purple 100 night trial)
  • 10 year warranty
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • How to improve sleep quality at night – sleep on the Purple mattress
  • Things to help me sleep better at night with this mattress are the comfort, support, and cooling ability
  • Beats memory-foam only mattresses
  • Pressure-relief promotes restful sleep
  • A quality mattress that beats all the mattress brands out there
  • Quilted and woven cover included
  • Doesn’t need a mattress pad
  • Help you sleep by regulating body temperature
  • Better than foam mattresses
  • The grid material top later means you don’t need a pad or pillow-top

The Purple Mattress. #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Bed in A box Mattresses by J.D. Power

Purple mattress - best bed in a box because of its comfort and cooling
Purple mattress with the pillow. Have good sleep from here on out! The comfort, support, and cooling properties of the Purple mattress are the best. Get good sleep, period. Purple mattress – best bed in a box!

Purple basically comes with 3 types. All are good, and you just need to look at what will suit you. The regular Purple uses the grid material as the top layer, and then has layers of foam under that for comfort and a transition to the support. The Purple hybrid is a true hybrid mattress. It uses the grid on top, and under that transitions to a hybrid sprint support layer. This is what we have and love our mattress, though I believe the regular Purple would be great too. Then the Hybrid premier is a hybrid, available with thicker layers of the grid technology on top.

Purple mattress - best bed in a box we could find, and we tried multiple options
Purple king mattress. So comfortable and love this mattress! I sleep well night after night. Purple mattress – best bed in a box! Buying a mattress has never been easier with the trial and warranties from Purple.

Let’s talk the cooling ability, or the ability to not trap heat, of this mattress. The grid material allows for great airflow, unlike foam that traps the heat. In addition to that, the woven fabric cover helps to promote that airflow. The cover has great stretch with a soft top material that allows you to feel all of the benefits of the grid material. In addition, the side panels of the cover are woven to continue the airflow. All combine for great ability to not trap the heat and become too hot to sleep. Its better to sleep in the cold, and it helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. The Purple mattress delivers on the cooling. In my opinion, the best comfort mattress online that you can find, plus more features. I sleep well with the Purple mattress.

The breathability of the grid material also help promote air flow that reduces odor in the mattress. Odor can build up from sweat and moisture, gross! But the good airflow in the grid material helps stop that.

Foam only just sleeps too hot

I find that Foam only mattresses sleep too hot. Purple solves this with their unique grid material in the top layer. Remember that the grid material doesn’t trap body heat. When you fall asleep faster and don’t wake up throughout the night, in the morning you will wake up feeling more rested. Sleep all night and get healthy sleep. The grid material also helps to remove pressure points. Creating a nice support and contour system around you as you sleep. It confirms nicely to you. Distributing body-weight evenly, to be more comfortable. Which will help to relieve aches and pains.

How to sleep better and faster at night

Good sleep used to be elusive for me. Tossing and turning would lead to sleeping in awkward positions, which ended up causing back pain. First, finding a mattress that was comfortable for hours at a time, was a great step towards better sleep. It also is a big step towards overall better health. This is a healthy life mattress. It is my opinion that this mattress is part of how to get better rem sleep. Better rem sleep helps the body rest and repair. We would be hard pressed to change this mattress, and as a couple both feel this is one of the best mattresses we could get for ourselves.

Purple mattress - best bed in a box because of the unique combination of materials
Its better to sleep in the cold, and the Purple mattress does not retain heat. Have good sleep with the Purple mattress. Use the Purple 100 night trial, if unsure, to get good sleep. Purple mattress – best bed in a box!

Sleep better again! Purple is how to get a good sleep. Purple Mattress – best bed in a box!

I personally have this Purple 3 Hybrid mattress and love it, because I sleep well night after night. I mentioned already, but we had tried multiple mattresses before we tried this. We tried the adjustable air bed you hear about, and we did not like that. It was a mid-range model and was not comfortable. We tried other beds in a box, which some were not bad, but didn’t suit both me and the wife. We had friends that recommended the Purple. Tried it, and it was the last we tried. It seems this bed will last a long time, but the next bed will likely be a Purple also.

So I wrote this review in case anyone is on the fence or wanted additional information. Of course, if using my links here, I will get a small referral. I believe in transparency on this and must call it out. But I would not recommend this product if I did not think it was the best choice. Best choice mattress in a box. Check out Purple mattress sale, as they always have sales. If you need a new mattress, this is the way to go.

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