Purple Pillow for Cooling – What You’re Looking For

We have the Purple Harmony and the original Purple pillow. They are different, so one is mine and the other is the wife’s pillow. These pillows work great for us! Purple has the most innovative pillows to help you be most comfortable. We have tried all the different kinds of pillows. Once we tried the Purple though, we found pillows we stuck with. To meet our needs, it strikes the right balance between support and comfort. The grid material of the pillows give the pillows that elusive cooling that a lot of pillows just don’t have. It is also comfortable, with enough give and doesn’t compact over time. Looking for a new pillow, check this out if your pillow sleeps hot. The Purple pillow for cooling properties, can’t be beaten.

Sleeping comfortable in bed, night after night. Thanks to my Purple Harmony pillow and my Purple Hybrid mattress. I think their pillows are the best you can find. Get a Purple pillow for better sleep at night. Check it out below, with a link to Purple. They got the firmness right with this. Great neck support. It really is the perfect pillow. Puts my head and neck in the right position. Waking up in the morning is so much better for us. Some key notes listed out next.

  • Sleeps cool, which is one of my biggest upsides with Purple pillows
  • Little motion transfer
  • Temperature neutral elastic grid material used to get the cooling
  • 100 night trial (Purple 100 night trial)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • How to improve sleep quality at night – use Purple pillows
  • The comfort, support and cooling ability of this help me to sleep better at night
  • Moisture-wicking cover, that is washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Beats memory foam pillows hands down
  • Better than the feather pillow
  • Reduce allergy causing items, by using material that doesn’t collect materials
  • Remove neck pain from your overnight

The Purple Pillows Featuring the new Purple® Harmony Pillow

The Purple pillow is so comfortable, and the Purple pillow for cooling can't be beat.
Purple mattress with the pillow. Have good sleep from here on out! Purple pillows give the comfort, support, and cooling you need. Get good sleep, period. Use the Purple pillow for cooling.

Purple basically comes with 3 types. They have the Purple original, Purple Harmony, and Purple Plush. We have the original and Harmony. All are good, and you just need to look at what will suit you. The regular Purple uses the grid material as the entire pillow. It makes it very cool to sleep with. The Harmony is a grid cover, around a Talalay latex core. Very comfortable and supporting for me, with all the cooling properties I want. We will be keeping Purple pillows in our bed for a long time. The combination of softness and support, in this cooling pillow, is unbeatable.

The Harmony Purple pillow for cooling works because of its core material, grid and breathable cover
Purple Harmony pillow. So comfortable and love this pillow! I sleep well night after night because we use the Purple pillow for cooling. Makes every night a good-night.

Let’s talk the cooling ability, or the ability to not trap heat, of these pillows. The Purple grid material is what enables the cooling. The grid adds support but enables good airflow through the grid. Which means the material doesn’t trap heat. In addition to that, the woven fabric cover helps to promote that airflow. The cover has great stretch with a soft top material that allows you to feel all of the benefits of the grid material. All combine for great ability to not trap the heat and become too hot to sleep. Its better to sleep in the cold, and it helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. The Purple Pillows deliver on the cooling. In my opinion, the best pillows you can find. I sleep well with the Purple Harmony pillow and my wife loves the original.

Purple pillow for cooling, as foam only pillows just sleep too hot

I find that Foam pillows retain too much heat. We all want that elusive cool pillow. We flip the pillow to get to it. The Purple pillows do not retain heat like other materials and sleep cooler. Sleep on a cooler pillow that stays cool, for a restful sleep. Tossing and turning can be something of the past. Memory-foam pillows just sleep hot and the materials of Purple fix that issue. Sleep cool and comfortable through the night. Additionally, because the grid material lets air pass, it doesn’t collect materials like memory foam, feather, and other materials. Which means less places for dust mites and other irritants. Which also means less odor, because materials aren’t trapped in the pillow.

How to sleep better and faster at night

I used to toss and turn too much. The combination of the Purple mattress and the Purple pillows helps me get the right balance of comfort and support. Making good sleep something I can once again find. We find that Harmony pillow works well with side and back sleeping positions. The original Purple pillow is probably best for back sleepers, and maybe stomach sleepers.

The original Purple pillow for cooling works great because it is entirely made of the cooling grid material.
The Purple pillow doesn’t trap the heat, thanks to its grid material. Look up close at how it gets its ventilation and pressure-relief. Check out the Purple pillow for cooling. Beats a memory foam pillow any day.
A close up of the Purple grid material
Purple grid up close. I am so comfortable in bed with my Purple pillow. Get a more restful sleep today. Wake up without a stiff neck. Give your bedding a serious upgrade!

Sleep better again! Purple is how to get a good sleep because of this great pillow

We have both the Purple original pillow and the new Harmony pillow. I need a little taller pillow, so the Harmony works great for me. Taller than the Purple original pillow. The wife doesn’t need as much pillow, and the Purple original works great for her. We have tried multiple other pillows, including the top rated ones on Amazon. We find these to be better than the wirecutter pillow. Another we have tried is My Pillow. At first it is very comfortable, but I don’t find it to be as durable as these pillows. Over time it compressed and became lumpy (= My Pillow lumpy). We have also tried purelux and prefer the Purple pillows.

So I wrote this review in case anyone is on the fence or wanted additional information. Of course, if using my links here, I will get a small referral. I believe in transparency on this and must call it out. But I would not recommend this product if I did not think it was the best choice. These are great pillows and we love them. Would not trade them in. You can be a sleeper that isn’t always waking up and uncomfortable. Check out Purple sales, as they always have them going. If you need a new pillow, this is the way to go.

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Purple pillow for cooling, the only pillow you will want after using it
Purple pillow, better than My Pillow. Be comfortable and get good sleep in bed with the Purple pillows. Purple pillow for cooling is where it’s at! Just a super comfortable pillow.

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